Why you need a chimney/hood?

Did you think about the kitchen extractor or chimney when you were designing your last kitchen? Most people don’t really consider it. Why is an extractor important? 4 reasons why you really need a cooker hood.
  • Oil from shallow frying, deep frying or wok cooking can be deposited on your cabinets making it difficult to keep your kitchen clean. A kitchen extractor will remove grease from air in the kitchen by filtering the air through the grease filters.
  • Isn’t it awful when you come down for breakfast in the morning and the whole kitchen (and maybe the living room) still smells like the curry you made yesterday? A kitchen extractor will remove smells from your kitchen – especially if you leave the hood switched on for a while after you finish cooking.
  • Cooking creates lots of steam and condensation. In the worst case this can create mould in your kitchen. If your extractor is ducted out and used correctly it will remove steam and condensation from your kitchen.
  • A kitchen extractor can add to the overall look of your kitchen. Extractor designs have evolved in recent years and there are many styles to choose from now.