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Built In Microwave Ovens

Here’s presenting Built in Microwaves that are no less than masterpieces which will transform your complete cooking experience. These microwaves are your perfect kitchen partners and are apt for modern homes where people have hectic schedules and aren’t able to devote much time to traditional cooktop cooking. With features like defrost setting, smart touch panel and digital display, these classy microwaves elevate your ordinary kitchen into an intelligent kitchen. With our exclusive microwave collection, you can enjoy delectable dishes cooked in variety of ways like convection, grilling, rotisserie, within the comfort of your home.

Carlo Built In Microwave Oven

MRP. 35990

  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Digital Display
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Child Lock

Savio Built In Microwave Oven

MRP. 30990

  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Digital Display
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Child Lock

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Touch Panel

Our impressive range of microwaves come with a convenient touch panel. The introduction of touch panels makes them look really sauvé. The touch panel can control a variety of features like temperature, heating time and fan speed. The feature makes cooking a worry-free affair for even amateur cooks. Hence, turning your ordinary kitchen into a smart kitchen. The touch panel is especially a feature with great utility for homes with working parents where children might be required to use kitchen appliances on their own.

Toughened Glass

Built in Microwave Ovens from Hindware Appliances are crafted using thermal controlled toughened glass. The toughened glass protects the microwave door from overheating when it is exposed to high temperature. In the making of toughened glass, the outer layer of the glass cools down faster, producing a compressed outer layer. Thus, the inner layer is protected as it cools down at a slower rate. The feature endows the microwave with longevity and safeguards the door from scratch and wear. Unlike normal glass which breaks down easily, toughened glass, as the name suggests, is stronger and can easily withstand bruises.

Digital Display

The digital display gives an edge to our microwave and upgrades its overall look and feel. The digital display helps to know the various settings of the microwave. Thus, it reduces the risks of any sort of mistake which might occur due to a number of reasons. The display panel even glows in the darkness which helps one to decipher the values easily. The panel displays all the necessary information regarding the remaining cooking time and current status.

Defrost Setting

Food should be served hot always in order to enjoy any meal to the fullest. The defrost setting helps to thaw leftovers and the most other food items which might have become hardened. This is done by using bursts of low heat, where the warm portions of food transfer the heat to the relatively colder portions of the food. This helps in making the food evenly thawed. Defrosting enhances the taste of the food along with making it softer.

Convection, Grilling and Rotisserie

Hindware Appliances’ microwave ovens come with options that let you relish a variety of culinary delights while experimenting with a wide range of cooking techniques. The convection technology in microwave allows you to bake the dishes far more quickly. Convections are best for baking cakes, cookies and other stuff. During convection, a fan continuously blows hot air over the food, thus cooking it more efficiently. On the other hand, grilling technology gives you that drool-worthy barbecued effect along with the convenience of cooking with a microwave. Grilling also preserves all the nutrients present in the food. Whereas rotisserie allows you to cook food slowly over a heat source. The process gives you great results by turning out food items with crispy exteriors with soft insides. This keeps the juices intact and enhances the flavors.