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Our window air cooler range provides a classy look to your home while bringing the soaring temperatures down. Utilizing wood wool pads, these coolers are perfect for summers and provide instant relief from the heat. Our window coolers come with water-level indicator that helps to monitor the water level so that you never run out of it suddenly.

Snowcrest 50 Litres Window Air Cooler

MRP. 9990

  • Air Delivery – 1750 m3/Hr
  • Manual Control
  • Auto-Fill Function
  • Available in Wood-Wool Pads

Snowcrest 40 Litres Window Air Cooler

MRP. 9990

  • Powerful Air Delivery – 1400 m3/hr
  • Manual Control
  • Auto-Fill Function
  • Highly Efficient Honeycomb Pads

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