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Induction Cooktops are a great option if you’re looking for super fast cooking without energy loss. Induction cooktops from Hindware Appliances are sleek and elegant cooktops that let you cook effortlessly with advanced features like Preset cooking functions, LED Display, and Auto Shut Off Feature. These features make our Induction Cooktops more efficient and travel-friendly. The superior cooking experience and stylish looks are what set these Induction Cooktops from the rest. Equipped with the latest technology and user-friendly settings, you’ll enjoy cooking with Hindware Induction Cooktops.

Dino Induction Cooktop

MRP. 3990

  • Push Button
  • LED Display
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Timer 24 hrs

Enzoslim Induction Cooktop

MRP. 5990

  • Touch Control
  • LED Display
  • Auto Shut-off Sensor
  • Timer 24 hrs

USO Induction Cooktop

MRP. 4990

  • Touch Control
  • LED Display
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Timer 24 hrs

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Hindware Appliances introduces an exclusive collection of induction cooktops that have a conveniently located LED display. It is a wonderful feature that allows the user to adjust the operation of the induction in sync with our cooking needs. The LED display not only provides the induction with a modern look with its bright display but it also helps to adjust the temperature, voltage, and power etc. The LED screen is a video display with light-emitting diodes which glow in the darkness. It helps us by keeping us abreast of the functioning of the induction during the entire cooking process which makes cooking a breeze.


Hindware Appliances introduces an elegant range of cooktops with timers. This feature enables automatic startup and shutting down of the induction. These cooking appliances are extremely energy efficient. These cooktops are free of soot and are a great choice if you want to skip the trouble of cleaning regularly. The inductions, themselves are also very easy to clean. The timer avoids unnecessary waste of power and thus helps you to save up on your energy bills. This offers you the opportunity to multitask. The timer has a diverse setting option- from a minimum of 1 minute to an exhaustive 24 hours time range.

Touch Control

The touch control allows us to discreetly and conveniently operate the induction cooktop without any hassles. The touch panel does away with the need for the heavy-duty operating system. It’s simple and sophisticated touch control feature makes handling the induction cooktops really easy even for novices. With just the touch of a finger, the induction’s various features can be adjusted This is one of the many noteworthy features which gives our induction cooktops an edge and makes them the best induction cooktops in the Indian market. The touch control feature with adds a fresh appeal to the induction.


Cooking with our induction cooktops is always a pleasant experience. A wide variety of dishes can be prepared perfectly and this makes it the most suitable cooking appliance for small families or those who live alone. Ranging from chapati, dosa, idli, stir fry, deep fry, curry and pressure cooking to heating simple things like milk and water- everything is a smooth ride with inductions from Hindware Appliances. This feature also saves a lot of time and is also used for time management as the time required for specific food items is predetermined. Even with the diverse cooking methods such as those employed in Indian cooking, these inductions are able to deliver praise-worthy results every time.

Crystal Plate

The premium induction cooktops from Hindware Appliances come with crystal plates that adds in an element of glamour to your kitchen. These inductions are suitable for cookware made of ferrous material, Cl, and stainless steel. The crystal plates have a smooth finish and are easy to clean. One must keep an eye that the cookware must have a flat base vessel with the base diameter ranging from 120-200cms. These stoves work on electricity instead of gas, making them travel-friendly. These portable induction cooktops are also very lightweight which makes it easy to carry them while traveling.