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Food Waste Disposers

No one understands your kitchen’s hygiene needs like Hindware Appliances does. With our exceptionally tough food waste disposer, you will wake up to a fresh and clean kitchen every day. Armed with a robust motor and corrosion resistant grinding chamber, our food waste disposers ensure that your sinks don’t clog ever. That too without disrupting the calm in your life. Our disposers are incredibly low noise producing machines even while functioning at their peak. Purchase our food waste disposer and acquire a hassle-free way to welcome health and hygiene into your homes.

Deluxe 0.75 HP Food Waste Disposer

MRP. 15990

  • Power – 0.75 HP
  • 2600 RPM Motor
  • Rated Current – 3.45 A
  • Drain Outlet-40 mm With Plastic Housing

Standard 0.50 HP Food Waste Disposer

MRP. 13490

  • Power – 0.50 HP
  • 2600 RPM Motor
  • Rated Current – 2.30 A
  • Frequency – 50-60 Hz

ECO 0.50 HP Food Waste Disposer

MRP. 9990

  • Power – 0.50 HP
  • 2600 RPM Motor
  • Rated Current – 2.30 A
  • Frequency – 50-60 Hz

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Corrosion Proof Grinding Chamber

Food waste disposer is an essential kitchen appliance that makes your kitchen look as well as smell clean and fresh. Our best in class food waste disposers are equipped with a large anti-corrosion grinding chamber. A vast majority of food waste can be crushed with our exceptionally tough grinder like tea residue, fruit and vegetable waste, leftovers, fish bones, eggshells, livestock bones and much more. This chamber has an elongated life due to its commendable ability to fight rust.


Our efficient motors have an RPM (revolutions per minute) of 2600. The food waste disposer is a powerful mechanical device that is used for household waste management. The grinding impellers on the grinding turntable (spin table) crush the waste into tiny particles virtually liquefying them, so that are easily drained off via the plumbing line. The robust motor ensures that all of the food waste is ground finely. The food waste disposer can be installed under the kitchen sink and the trap. The horsepower of the motors ranges from 0.5 to 0.75.


Our trusted food waste disposers function without producing any irritating noise. Food waste disposers have earned the disrepute for being too noisy. Unlike regular garbage disposers, our products do not disrupt the lives of the people in the house. Their low noise operation makes them a favourite choice among consumers. The noise levels caused by the disposer range between 50-60 decibels. Thus ensuring that even with the continuous operation of the disposer, it doesn’t disturb the calm and peaceful kitchen environment. The blades of the motors are made with stainless steel that is known to cause less noise.