Authorized Online Re-sellers

At Somany Home Innovation Limited ("SHIL"), we have always strived to maintain the highest quality product standards and have met our customers' satisfaction through the best of processes.

Our products under the brand names Hindware Kitchen Ensemble, Hindware Atlantic Water Heaters, Hindware Snowcrest Air Coolers, Hindware Snowcrest Fans, Hindware Water Purifiers and Moonbow by Hindware are sold by authorized online resellers and e-commerce websites. However, unfortunately, there are some unauthorized online resellers & e-commerce websites who do not function in accordance with our quality standards.

Due to the lack of control over such resellers, we cannot attest the authenticity, credibility or quality of products sold by them. These unauthorized products could have missing parts or be damaged, defective, counterfeit, stolen, refurbished, fictitious or may have been obtained through secondary market channels. While these products may look like our Products, it is important to know that they are not authentic, have not been tested, and will not operate or function up to the standards promised by us which is to protect your health & family, especially during an emergency, as would our genuine products.

SHIL would like to inform all our customers that warranty coverage, return policy and support on products purchased through unauthorized online resellers will be impacted. Therefore, keeping the best interests of our customers in mind, we urge them to purchase our authentic products for the above mentioned brands online only from the authorized online resellers mentioned below: