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Bid goodbye to the tiresome kitchen chore of cleaning heavily soiled dishes and cutlery every day with our premium collection of powerful dishwashers. Doing the dishes is a pain in the neck for every homemaker. Designed with convenience in mind, our premium dishwashers are your best bet for handling your various dishwashing needs in no time. Our finest dishwasher collection sets you free from the burden of this immensely tiring kitchen chore and lets you relax. With an intelligent child lock feature and water overflow protection, Hindware Appliances’ dishwashers make your life easier. From lightly soiled to heavily greased- our fabulous dishwashers can effortlessly handle it all.

Marco(Fully Built In) Dish Washer

MRP. 48990

  • 12 Place Setting
  • LED Display
  • 7 Washing Programmes
  • Push Button

Mario(Semi Built In) Dish Washer

MRP. 51990

  • 12 Place Setting
  • LED Display
  • 6 Washing Programmes
  • Push Button

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12 Place Setting

Storage space is an important aspect of any dishwasher. While choosing a dishwasher one should focus on the place setting. Depending on the size of your family, the place setting requirement would vary. A dishwasher with 12 place setting is more than enough for the requirements of a small family. The spacious setting is enough to accommodate dinner plates, dessert plate, soup bowl, tea cups etc. Thus, a full size dishwasher helps to wash a huge pile of dishes at one go. This is especially helpful to save energy and cut costs as well as time.

Child Lock Feature

Our dishwashers come along with the intelligent ‘Child lock feature’ that allows you to efficiently handle your dishwashing needs without the fear of your children mishandling the dishwasher. If you have children in your house, you know the kinds of trouble they can get into. Most children have an innate tendency to touch and play with new things. The ‘child lock’ feature prevents those unwanted scenarios where children might end up changing the operating mode of the dishwasher or even causing damage to the dishwasher. On selecting the child lock feature, it locks all other buttons except the power button.

Water Overflow Protection

Overflow protection feature is a thoughtful safety measure that has been added to keep in check the sudden overflow of water into your dishwasher. If one is not mindful enough, there might be events when the water supply exceeds the required amount and causes a spillage thus creating a mess along with substantial water wastage. Therefore, our dishwashers smartly prevent this kind of problem. It automatically stops the flow of water entering into the dishwasher once the water level exceeds the maximum allowed amount.

Height Adjustable Upper Basket

Designed to hold a huge variety of cutlery like cups, glasses, saucers, small bowls, shallow pans, plates etc, upper baskets are a useful feature in dishwashers. Our premium dishwashers provide you with an adjustable upper basket. This feature allows enough storage space for placing taller objects. More space can be created for tall items in the lower basket by adjusting the upper basket’s height. Even when the upper basket is fully loaded, we can adjust the height. Before re-inserting, do be certain that the runners are aligned at the same height if on both sides.

Electronic Control With LED Display

The LED display helps you to monitor the functioning of the dishwasher. The display shows the information regarding the time required for a particular wash load, the type of wash cycle and the number of rinses needed. It also displays the child lock mode, if it is enabled at the moment. The display panel makes it easy to understand the functioning of the dishwasher.

Flow Heating Element

At the bottom of the dishwasher, a flow-through heating element is present, whose primary function is to warm up the water entering into the dishwasher. Water needs to be heated up enough so that it is able to wash the dishes effectively while killing all the germs and bacteria present over the soiled cutlery. Another advantage of great significance is the flow heating element facilitation to dry up the wet dishes. The moisture present on the plates evaporates faster when the water is heated up, thus leading to faster drying of the dishes.

1-24 Hours Delay Settings

The dishwasher settings can be adjusted according to your convenience to ensure that the dishwasher’s need for hot water doesn’t conflict with those of the family’s. The dishwasher can be set to start the wash cycle at a delayed point of time. The range of the delay settings begins from as minimal as 1 minute to as long as an astounding time stretch of 24 hours. You can simply toss in all the soiled dishes and cookware into the dishwasher at night and still wake up to ready-to-use dishes that are nice and dry, the next morning.