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Built In Ovens

Hindware Appliances offers their highly innovative and elegantly designed built-in ovens. With a multi-functional oven like this one in your kitchen, baking will never be the same again. Our revolutionary ovens are equipped with cutting-edge technology and unbeatable features like – 11 cooking functions as well as 8 cooking functions with rotisserie. Coming with toughened glass door for additional durability and scratch resistance along with built in cooling fan as a safety measure, these elegant looking ovens will definitely seal the deal for you. Lastly, the digital display panel and one-touch timer features make it a child’s play to operate our ovens.

Orcus Built In Oven

MRP. 59990

  • 80 L Capacity
  • 12 Oven Functions
  • Easy Clean Technology
  • Touch Control with Digital Display

Magnus Built In Oven

MRP. 51990

  • 72 L Capacity
  • 13 Cooking functions
  • Next Generation Rotisserie
  • Touch and Mechanical Control

Helios Plus Built In Oven

MRP. 50990

  • 67L Capacity
  • 11 Operating Functions
  • One Touch Control
  • Also Available in White Color

Platinum Plus Built In Oven

MRP. 45990

  • Multi Function Oven With Rotisserie
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Fan Defrost
  • Dual Grill

Gold Plus Built In Oven

MRP. 43990

  • Mechanical Controls With Digital Timer
  • Multi Function Oven With Rotisserie
  • Fan Defrost
  • Dual Grill

Royal Plus Built In Oven

MRP. 39990

  • Mechanical Controls With Minute Minder
  • Multi Function Oven With Rotisserie
  • Fan Defrost
  • Dual Grill

Orion Built In Oven

MRP. 37990

  • 70 L Capacity
  • 8 Cooking functions
  • Rotisserie Stick
  • Mechanical Control

Royal Classic Built In Oven

MRP. 37990

  • Mechanical Controls With Minute Minder
  • Multi Function Oven With Rotisserie
  • Fan Defrost
  • Dual Grill

Eldora Built In Oven

MRP. 33990

  • 67 L Capacity
  • 5 Oven Functions
  • Mechanical Control, 120 Min. Timer
  • Convection Fan and Grill Function

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8 Cooking Functions With Rotisserie

The art of cooking over a slow fire by piercing the food item with a spit rod is known as ‘rotisserie.’ Our exclusive range of built-in ovens helps you to cook with perfect results every single time. Hindware appliances built-in ovens are renowned for being the best kitchen ovens available in India. Rotisserie is best recommended for preparing dishes with items like meat, cottage cheese, and tofu etc.

Digital Display

Digital display monitors all key components of the oven’s functioning and allows the user to control and adjust heater settings, timer settings etc with ease. It also tells you the time and acts like a clock. The digital display brings modernity to your cooking experience. It is of extreme importance due to its function of proving accurate information regarding the current status and the heating time required for a particular food item. The digital display setting makes the usage of our exclusive built –in ovens a hassle-free procedure.

Built-In Fan

At Hindware, your safety is our first priority. Our built-in ovens have an automatic fan that turns on if the unit is overheating. This is in addition to the fan switch that manually controls the exhaust fan. The fan is automatically turned on by the built-in thermostat when the temperature rises to above 150 degrees F. This feature safeguards the electronic components and gets rid of the excessive heat from the cooking area. When the temperature cools down to less than 150 degrees F, the fan shuts down by itself.

Telescopic Sliding Tray

All our built-in ovens come along with sturdy telescopic sliding trays that help you to use the oven without the fear of getting burnt. These sliding trays can be moved in and out of the oven easily as these glides back and forth smoothly. This enables proper cleaning and change of position as and when required. While selecting ovens for your home, make sure to opt for Hindware Appliances as our range is one of the the best built-in ovens in the market.

11 Cooking Functions

Our innovative range of ovens is the best bet if you wish to install a high end and superior quality built-in-oven in the kitchen. Enabling the user to choose from a multitude of cooking methods according to the requirements of different dishes, our ovens are equipped with as many as 11 functions. These include- defrosting, grilling adjustments, heater adjustments, cooling by the fan as well as various heater adjustments in combination with the fan’s functioning.

Toughened Glass Door

The Toughened glass door is made by strengthening the glass with thermal controlling technology at a temperature of over 600 degree Celsius. This type of glass does not break down easily and is resistant to very high temperatures. This is a priority with ovens as they are regularly exposed to high heat and there are enough chances that the doors might explode without tempered glass protection. Nowadays, a kitchen with the built-in oven is a necessity in most modern homes due to hectic lifestyles which leaves people with less time for conventional gas stove cooking.

One-Touch Timer

The one-touch timer helps to adjust the heating time of the food with just a single touch. The timer helps you to set a cooking time while you can relax and do other tasks. The cooking time depends on the type of food being prepared and the oven would stop the cooking process as soon as the timer goes off indicating that the stipulated time has passed. A low-noise bell sound goes off once the timer goes off to let you know that your dish is ready and the cooking process has been completed.