What size hob should I purchase?

Available Sizes – 60cms, 75cms and 90cms


The majority of gas hobs come in different sizes, the most common being three burner, four burner and five burner varieties. If you live alone or you don’t cook very often, it’s likely that you won’t need anything bigger than a four burner hob. Even these still allow for plenty of room and flexibility when making a meal, as you could have four different pans on the go if you wished.


If stir fry is one of your favorite meals, a five burner hob would suit you perfectly. These tend to have four regular burners in each corner of the hob and then one larger burner in the middle. It is this larger one that is perfect for holding bigger pans or woks and because this is usually located in the middle, it is more grounded. There is therefore less chance of it toppling over and you having to waste time picking bean sprouts up off the floor.


If you have a large family however or you like to experiment with different dishes at the same time, a five burner gas hob would be the ideal option. Never again will you need to worry about how to cook dishes for a big Sunday dinner. You could have four different types of vegetables on the go and still have a burner spare for making the gravy.