What is the kind of heat generated out of the burners?

Burners:  There are 3 types of burners & are classified as Single Corona, Double Corona & Triple Corona.


Burners in other traditional stoves are of the standard twin corona type & of single size, which would have been inefficient and does not ensure even distribution of the flame on to the cooking vessel.


 Hobs fitted by hindware eliminate the above and gives cooking its versatility back.


 Single Corona: Gives only one ring of flame with three different options viz; Skimmer, Semi Rapid and Rapid.  The three different sizes are meant for different vessels and for low heat cooking.


 Double & Triple Corona also known as WOK Burners. Used for a fast flame to give rapid & instant heat.


A WOK (twin corona) burner has two rings of flames, one in the outer ring and the other on the inner ring on the opposite side concentrated onto the centre.  Centre heat is to give concentrated heat towards the centre of the Wok. (eg; as required while making appams).


A WOK (triple ring Corona) has three rings of flames. The outer ring with flames radiating outwards, the middle ring with the flame radiating inwards and the inner ring with the flame burning outwards.  The Inner and the middle ring evenly distribute the flames.


  • The WOK burners output is that of 3.8Kw.
  • The Skimmer burners output is that of 1.1Kw.
  • The Semi rapid burners output is that of 1.8Kw.
  • The Rapid burners output is that of 3Kw.