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Storage Water Heaters

Hindware Atlantic Acero Storage Water Heater

MRP. 6190

  • ISI Certified
  • Class 1 Working Pressure
  • Copper Sheathed Heating Element
  • Available in 10L, 15L, 25L, 35L and 50L

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Exclusive O’Pro Protection Technology

The inner tank is one of the most important components in a water heater. It stores hot water and houses the heating element. The quality of water has a major effect on your water geyser. Hard water contains high levels of mineral salts like calcium and magnesium. The minerals present in the hard water can cause scaling in the inner tank and on the heating element of the electric water geyser and start interfering with the efficiency of the water heater. This results in heater/geyser tank corroding sooner and the heating element taking the longer time to heat water. The problem is particularly acute in areas where the water is very hard. The exclusive *O’Pro technology is a modern generation of passive electronic anti-corrosion protection for your Domestic Hot Water production appliance. The ohmic resistor of the O’Pro technology is a passive electronic anti-corrosion device that balances out the electric potentials of the tank and immersion heating element. The magnesium anode life is, therefore, considerably increased and the tank protection against corrosion is reinforced. Aggressive waters generate corrosion, balanced waters create a natural protection for the appliance and hard waters generate large-scale deposits. Our exclusive technology is adapted to all! Perfect for balanced waters, it is also recommended for aggressive and hard ones. The O’Pro technology guarantees that your Domestic Hot Water production appliance has a long service time without failure. It adds on to 50% to a tank’s lifetime! The O’Pro passive electronic anti-corrosion technology provides a good protection and extended service life for your water heater and contributes to your comfort and savings.

Titanium Core Shield

Our storage-tanks are made from a combination of steel lined with an enamel of liquid Titanium and Copper baked at 850 ⁰C to provide you with fresh and clean hot water at a consistent temperature for longer durations. In areas with poor water chemistry, corrosive minerals in water could damage water heater elements and lead to a premature death of elements.Titanium naturally produces a dioxide film that continually migrates to the surface of the inner lining of the storage tank and provides superior protection against corrosion. **Titanium Core Shield can resist pitting, oxidizing, and surface breakdown up to 10 times better than typical nickel alloy elementsused in other branded water heaters even in the most adverse of water conditions. Titanium also has an exceptionally low thermal expansion rate which can reduce the stress that can cause structural fatigue and fracture on the storage tank due to constant thermal expansion.

Optimized Water Inlet Diffuser

A typical storage-tank water heater replaces hot water withdrawn from the top of the tank with cold water delivered to the bottom of the tank. Because typical tank heating elements cannot heat the water as fast as it is withdrawn, cold water will eventually fill the tank. The established convection currents within the tank causes the incoming cold-water to mix freely with the heated standing water in the tank thereby deterioratingthe temperature of the hot water being withdrawn. Hindware Atlantic’s **optimized water inlet diffuser ensures that the cold water introduced is uniformly sprayed into the bottom of the tank. This feature is especially useful in the case of high rise buildings where the pressure of water entering appliance is very high. Our technology distributes the water gradually and foils convection currents that cause mixing of hot and cold fluid so that more hot fluid is recovered at the outlet over time keeps the water temperature equally balanced.

5 Star BEE Rating due to Superior Insulation

Although electricity consumption of water heaters or geysers depends on the amount of hot water used and is a major factor considered while buying a water heater, standing loss can be an important factor while deciding which water heater to buy. “Standing loss” or heat/energy loss of a water heater to the surrounding in 24 hours is an important factor used by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to decide on star rating of a water heater. “Standing heat loss” is defined as energy consumption by a filled water heater, under steady state conditions, connected to an electrical supply, when no water is drawn for 24 hrs. When operated for 48hrs the standing loss should not exceed 1.386 kWh/24 hrs i.e. lower the standing loss, higher the energy efficiency. When the standing loss of a water heater is higher, your water heater’s heating element fires up with greater frequency to heat up water, leading to more energy consumption. Hindware Atlantic’s water heaters use a superior reinforced insulation that retains over 80% of the heat and for longer durations. This makes our water heaters 20% more efficient that most *5 star rated water heaters.Our water heaters save energy, save money and help prevent climate change.

International Safety Standards IP 24

Electric appliances’ protection level against splashing water is defined by their IP index, which defines the safe installation areas for electric appliances when close to water draining points. The IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Marking is the European standard for electrical safety and user protection. Hindware Atlantic water heaters have a high IP index up to IP 24 that guarantees safe operation and protection against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.

25% Faster Heating with 2.5kW Heating Element

The 15L & 25L Hindware Atlantic storage Water Heaters have *2.5kW heating element compared to the 2kW heating element used in most competing products. Combined with our superior insulation, Hindware Atlantic Water Heaters provide 25% faster heating and lower energy consumption bills. *kW – kilowatts.

Magnesium Anode Rod

Hindware Atlantic Water Heaters also have an *anode made of magnesium formed around a stainless-steel core suspended in the inner tank to provide cathodic protection from corrosive elements. Active metals like Magnesium act like a sacrificial anode, which by their reactivity are attacked faster by hot water than steel. Electrons produced are transferred to the tank wall where they polarize exposed areas and prevent their corrosion, making the electrochemical protection of the inner tank more efficient and extends the lifetime of the tank beyond its warranted life.

Copper Sheathed Heating Element

Copper’s ability to transferheat from electricity to water is next to perfect.

Corrosion resistance is essential in heat transfer applications where fluids are involved, such as in hot water tanks. Copper sheathed heating elements provide better lifetime in chloride water than stainless steel in similar applications. Copper therefore improves the longevity of your water heater.

Dielectric Union

A *dielectric union pipe fitting is designed to hold two types of metal pipe together, without soldering them. This union resists corrosion & deterioration when joining pipes made from dissimilar metals. This is necessary as the combination of metals under solder could produce galvanization, leading to corrosion and failure of the pipe.

Temperature Control Knob

*Choose the best temperature to suit your needs. Although some manufacturers set water heater thermostats at 70ºC, most households usually only require them to be set at 50ºC, which also slows mineral buildup and corrosion in your water heater and pipes. Savings resulting from turning down your water heater temperature also results in savings from reduced standby losses (heat lost from water heater into surrounding basement area) and consumption (from water demand or use in your home).

8 Bars Working Pressure

This water heater has been designed to handle water pressure of up to *eight times the standard atmospheric pressure, making it suitable for usage with high-pressure pumps and in multi-storage buildings.

SS 304 Tank

Tank is made from high quality Stainless Steel of SS 304 grade.

Class 1 Working Pressure

Hindware Atlantic Instant Water Heaters are built to withstand the high pressure of 6.5 bar making it perfect for multi-story buildings.

Glassline Core Shield

Glassline Core Shield baked to perfection at 850 ⁰C to provide superior protection to tank against corrosion.