• Caspian RO + UV Water Purifier
  • Caspian RO + UV Water Purifier

Caspian RO + UV Water Purifier

The All Round Purification Expert

MRP: 16490

Key Features

  • Advance 5 Stage RO+UV Purification
  • Advance Copper+ Technology provides Adequate Nourishment from Copper Charged Purified water
  • Provides 100% RO+UV Purified Water
  • Large 7 Litres storage tank capacity
  • Suitable for water with TDS Upto 1800 ppm
  • Purification Production Rate of up to 12 l/hr*
  • Wall Mount & Table Top
  • Indicators
    • Red Power: This gets lit when the water purifier is switched on.
    • Green Tank Full: Confirms that the water tank is full.
    • Yellow Purification: Ensures that the purification is in process.

5-Stage Purification

Ultrafine Sediment Filter

Ultra Sediment Filter is a highly efficient filter, that removes dust, dirt, mud and sand from water.

Adsorbent Pre-Carbon Filter

The Adsorbent Pre-Carbon Filter is responsible for getting rid of excess chlorine and organic impurities.

Superior RO Membrane

The Superior RO Membrane removes any hardness, hazardous chemicals, and heavy metals like Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic etc.

Germ-Eliminator UV Technology

The Germ-Eliminator UV Technology provides additional assurance by deactivating disease-causing bacteria and viruses thus making water safer to drink.

Advance Copper+ Post Carbon Filter

Advance Copper+ Technology in Post Carbon Filter provides added benefits of copper, and further polishes the water and makes it tastier. It has many health benefits like it Boosts Immunity, Enhances Bone strength, Helps in production of Hemoglobin and Prevents Fatigue & Exhaustion. The Antibacterial Properties of copper kills harmful microbes, fungi and bacteria from water.

Purification Process

Technical Details

  • Purification
  • 5 Stage
  • Technology
  • RO+UV
  • Storage Tank
  • 7 L
  • TDS
  • Up to 1800 ppm
  • Installation Type
  • Table Top/Wall Mount