Instant Water Heater

In an era where everything from fashion to food delivery is instant, then why can’t your hot water demands be ‘Instant’? Whether you want on-demand hot water to remove stubborn grime from utensils or instant warm water for your older parents to fight the pain and stiffness of arthritis and fibromyalgia, Instant Series Water Heaters from Hindware Atlantic are best suitable to your needs.

If your usage isn’t particularly heavy and your bathroom size is limited, Instant Water Heaters/Geysers serve your purpose perfectly. These instant heaters are supremely engineered with IPX1 Protection making them splash proof and suitable for use even in compact and small bathrooms. Sounds perfect for those early winter morning chores, right? Available in 3L and 1L capacities, Instant Water Heaters/Geysers boast of robust construction and are reinforced with Superior Safety features. The I-thermostat, an intelligent heating system with an auto-cutoff feature makes the Hindware Atlantic Instant Water heater/geyser more energy-efficient and saves a ton on your electricity bills. Our experts suggest that Instant Water heaters/geysers work best for high rise buildings as they greatly reduce the turnaround time of water reheating. What makes them more durable is the innovatively manufactured corrosion-resistant SS tank & ABS body. Checks all the parameters on your checklist, doesn’t it? Explore the entire range of Instant Water Heaters/Geysers Now.


Superior Safety Ingress Protection

Better engineering with IPX1 protection for electrical safety, user protection energy efficiency.

Robust Construction

Corrosion resistant SS tank with ABS body for high durability & better protection against corrosion.

Class 1 Working Pressure

Built to withstand the high pressure of 6.5 bars making it perfect for multi-story buildings.

All Purpose RPR Valve

A pressure & vacuum release valve to shorten the turnaround time of getting warm water again.


Intelligent heating system with a cut off feature that ensures safety & energy efficiency.

Faster Heating with 4.5 kW Heating Element

Available in 4.5kW models for all your on-demand hot water needs.

Copper Sheathed Heating Element

Longer lifetime of heating element in chloride water than stainless steel in similar applications.

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