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HSIL Ltd. (incorporated in 1960) is an established player in Indian sanitaryware market. It is built upon three pillars – Customer Satisfaction, Product Innovation and Quality Control which have fostered the high level of trust and respect for its brand. HSIL Ltd. is spread across 700 cities in India which caters to over 40 million customers. HSIL Ltd. has several accolades to its credit which includes consumer validated Super Brand, Asia’s Most Promising Brand, Indian Power Brands, Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand. HSIL has entered into an association with Groupe Atlantic of France, Europe’s leading brand, thus bringing Hindware Atlantic Water Heaters for the Indian consumers. With an aim to grow its consumer business manifold and to be the leader in the category, HSIL will continue providing top-notch products to its consumers.

Why Family-fresh?

As soon as there’s a slight nip in the air, hot water showers are the only silver lining. But there’s more to your hot water requirements, isn’t there? Depending on your location, budget, usage, and geography, there is definitely the perfect water heater for you. Not just any water heater shall meet the requirement where only an expert can do the job justice. To put it simply, your hot water needs to be family-fresh, contaminant-free and rust-free. Where most heaters rust over time and affect the water output, Hindware Atlantic Water Heaters ensure that the hot water is always corrosion-free. Powered by the patented O’Pro Technology, Hindware Atlantic Water Heaters are crafted with Titanium coated tanks and are 20% more efficient than most 5 star rated water heaters. Keeping in mind the varied topography and usage in India, Hindware Atlantic has launched 3 series of Water Heaters namely: Instant, Gas, and Storage Water Heaters.

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