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      Self-cleaning capabilities

      Powerful suction

      3 speed touch control

      Metallic blower

       Lighting system

       Brush silver finish or Inox color

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Cleo Auto-Clean Hoods

Makes every cooking experience memorable!

Cleo Auto-Clean Hoods

Water Heater


Be it the highly efficient island hoods or the robust & aesthetic decorative hoods, Hindware hoods collection offers a wide range of designs to meet the unique needs of your dear kitchen.


If you’re passionate about cooking and have the hunger for serving only the finest at your dining table, then find your perfect match with our useful & efficient cooktops. Explore now and double the pleasure of cooking!

Built-in Hobs

Think beyond the ordinary. Do something unusual. Explore our range of versatile built in hobs and make your cooking extra-pleasurable, extra-special, every time!

Cooking Range

Deliver the perfect meal with our robust and immaculate cooking range. The aroma of simmering food would be enough to make your guests fall in love with your cooking.

Induction Cooktops

Now, gain freedom from slogging over an ordinary cooktop, and open your eyes to more control and consistency with Hindware range of Induction Cooktops.

Food Waste Disposer

It’s time to say ‘no’ to dustbins, for Hindware brings you SUPREME- the food waste disposer- a device that efficiently disposes food waste to make your kitchen free from foul smell.

Built-in Microwave Ovens

Create magic with our contemporary and space-saving designs every time you step into your kitchen. Cooking is a lot easier & more fun now!

Built-in Ovens

Create magic with our contemporary and space saving designs every time you step into your kitchen. Cooking is a lot easier & more fun now!

Dish Washers

A perfect blend of expertise and technology, the dishwashers range by Hindware is designed to suit every kitchen size.

Extractor Fans

Keeping a close check on your very need, we have a wide range of extractor fans exclusively designed you can choose from.