Why should I purchase a gas hob?

Despite electricity taking over the modern world, cooking with gas is still extremely popular. It’s a traditional method that starts to heat food straight away. It also cools down much quicker than other methods of cooking. When you have finished with a burner and have switched it off, the flame extinguishes straight away and the source of heat disappears.


 Gas hobs are deemed to be more energy efficient and the heat is easier to control. They warm the contents of a pan quickly due to the fact that heat is distributed well around the underside of the pan.


 One of the main benefits of cooking on a gas stove is that it won’t let you down in a power cut. As it is powered by gas, not electricity, you can keep your family fed even in the dark.


 Most gas hobs have pan supports made from cast iron. These are extremely durable as they can withstand high heats. This means your hob is more reliable and is likely to last longer.