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Give your kitchen a contemporary, modern look with the Hindware Delfina Chimneys – every component of which is made with ultimate precision.

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Highlights of Hindware Delfina 60


Oil Collector

The cooker hood features an inbuilt oil collector in which the oil gets accumulated due to the natural centrifugal action of the blower when in operation. Just take it out, clean it and you have not only a clean kitchen but a cleaner hood as well.


Baffle Filters

Equipped with a double layer of high quality stainless-steel baffle filter. Easy to clean and durable ensuring a hassle free user experience and maintaing the efficiency of the cooker hood.


LED Spotlights

Environment friendly and very long lasting – With less than 3 W they illuminate the cooking station with a light which is subtle, pleasing to eye and definitely environment friendly.


Contemporary Finish

The cooker hoods curved glass canopy creates a stylish statement in your kitchen, whilst the Stainless Steel finish allow it to effortlessly blend in with the rest of its environment.


Lower Noise Level

Unlike conventional extractor fans which can often be intrusive when in operation, this cooker hood delivers impressive extraction performance and efficiency that result in lower noise emissions. This means you can leave the extractor running whilst you relax, eat or host in the kitchen without being disturbed.


Metallic Blower & Housing

These high-performance units guarantee powerful air throughput at all times as well as optimized extraction. Despite their high performance, the fans operate at a comfortably low noise level.


Optimum Motor Power

Sufficient for generating a powerful airflow as well as keeping the noise and energy consumption under check.


High Suction Power

Better smoke removal, high efficiency of cooker hood and cleaner kitchen.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Delfina 60
Cat codeC100103
Size (mm)600
Airflow (m3/h)1100
Motor Power (W)180
FilterBaffle Filter
ControlPush Button
Illumination (W)LED Lamps (2x1.5W)
Blower Metal
Noise (dB)58