Privacy Policy for SHIL Smart Devices Customer App

Your privacy is utmost important to SHIL Hereinafter referred as “SHIL “or “we or “our”). We are committed to respect your privacy and choices. We believe it is important and essential for you to know how we treat the information we receive from you, on this Mobile Application namely “Hindware Appliances.”.This privacy statement highlights our privacy practices and explains what personal data /information we, collect and store about you, through our interactions with you on this Mobile application, and how we use that data.

The Privacy Terms mentioned hereunder applies to present Mobile Application.

1. What information is collected and how do we use it?

    In order to provide our services to you, we will ask you to provide following necessary information. If you do not provide following desired information, we may not be able to provide you with our products or services.

  • Personal information for creation of Account
    Personal data that are collected while creating an Account on this application may include personal information like your name, address, City, pin code, email address & mobile phone number. For service related issues product complaint details shall also be required to be shared. This information helps to activate, manage and provide services in efficient manner
  • User Device/Product Information
    Your model details, IoT device details, unique device identifier (MAC ID), IP address, IoT Device & Product Firmware version number will be collected for you can interact with the device through mobile app.
  • Smart (IoT) Device/Product Information
    All the smart device/product information will be collected so that it can be displayed to you via App or it would help us to monitor that the product is working right. This refers to all information collected from the product depending on the product category and what action has been applied to product through mobile app or you may be using our products. The main data which will be collected from the IoT based products (when it is connected) are as below.
    • If you are using water purifier, we will be collecting data & time of data capturing, rssi level, input & output tds levels, current status of ro membrane flow rate, pump status, tank status, water temperature, heater status & input water supply status, total water purified, pump running time, target water temperature, part failure details, water dispense time, ro life and filter life.
    • If you are using kitchen chimney, we will be capturing date & time of data capturing, rssi level, product running time, power on status, current speed of motor, led status, auto clean cycle status and delay time.
    • In case of water heater, we will be collecting date & time of data capturing, rssi level, current water temperature, operating & temperature mode, schedulers setting, heater status, power consumption, part failure details, heating time, total heater run time and auto fresh cycle status.
  • Picture/video

    The picture or video acquired via this mobileapplication would help us to display your products to you on the mobile app so that you can manage them easily.

Use of Information

  • SHIL uses above said information for following purposes:
  • To verify your identity.
  • To prevent and trace fraudulent or inappropriate usage.
  • To develop our products and services, together with general and statistical information.
  • To conduct investigations regarding our products and services.
  • To provide maintenance services, to improve our products or analyze the efficiency of our operations.
  • To show more relevant & meaningful product health data on your mobile screen.
  • To personalize product design and to provide you with services tailored for you.
  • To attend service related issues.
  • To understand how you are using our product & services.
  • To develop more customers oriented future products & service.
  • To provide marketing and promotional materials to you about our products and services (please note that you may unsubscribe anytime).
  • To communicate with you, including providing you with notifications on products and services that are updated or launched.

3. Consequences of not providing Personal Information

If you choose not to provide desired information then we may not be able to provide the deliverables as stated in preceding point no.2 of statement.

4. Sharing of data/information

We may share information collected from this mobile application with following:

  • Group, associate , affiliate or subsidiary company of SHIL
  • Authorized Vendors/Contractors

kindly note that authorized vendors/contractors of SHIL who have access to your personally identifiable information in connection with providing services for SHIL are required to keep the information confidential and are not permitted to use this information for any other purpose than to carry out the services they are performing for SHIL. We usually do not share information collected from this mobile application with other third parties. However, this may happen if:

  • You request or authorize us to do so.
  • We need to comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process
  • We need to operate and also maintain the security of this mobile application , including to prevent or stop an attack on our computer systems or networks.

5. Cookies Policy

The mobile app may uses cookies. These are small text files, which your mobile app uses to enable various features. Necessary cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary to offer the basic functionality of the Website / mobile app and to remember your cookie settings.

6. Third Party Links

You may find links to 3rd party websites &services on this mobile application. we are not responsible for the data processing, contents or privacy policies of websites of such third parties. our terms and conditions, this privacy policy and cookie statement do not apply to the use of such third party websites.

7. Data security

SHIL adopts reasonable and appropriate security practices and procedures including administrative, physical security, and technical controls in order to safeguard the information provided by you on this mobile application

8. How to contact us

If you have a privacy concern, complaint or a question regarding this privacy statement/policy then contact following

Name of contact person: Jaspreet Kaur
Address: Somany Home Innovation Limited 68, Echelon Inst. Area, Sector 32, Gurugram, Haryana 122001.
Phone: 0124-2889300

9. Updates to this privacy statement

SHIL may change the data privacy practices and update this privacy statement as and when the need arises, and the same will be made available on this mobile application. But our commitment to protect the privacy of mobile application users will continue to remain.

10. Your option

You have confirmed that you have read, understand and receive all the content of this privacy policy before you agree or in other ways to use the services from Us. Once you use this service, you agree to all the provisions of this privacy policy. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, you shall not use the service provided by us and you have a right to withdraw consent for usage of information at any time for future processing..

11. Feedback

We are always here to receive your feedback or suggestion so that your problems or device failure will be solved at the first time You can mail us at

12. Date Retention

Personal information will not be retained for a period more than necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy statement, unless a longer retention period is required by law or for directly related legitimate business purposes.