How to choose the correct size of the chimney?

Chimneys or Extractor hoods can be wall or Ceiling hung. Based on the size and style of the kitchen design one has to choose the option of straight line, conical etc. They are available is various sizes. Commonly used sizes are :


  • Wall Hung – 60cms, 120cms.
  • Island (Ceiling Mounted) – 60cms, 120cms.


However, while choosing the size of the chimney one needs to consider the size of the hob. If space permits then it is highly advised to have a bigger chimney / extractor hood for better suction and to avoid and stickiness happening on the either side of the cabinets.


In areas where space is a constraint it is advised to have the cabinets little away from the chimney. This will save the cabinet from direct heat and fumes and avoid any damage to the cabinetry.